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Jan. 20. Bug fix for the selection stats Gimp plugin.


Dec. 25. CthulhuTech is broken.

2011 - 2012

-- Site updates? But Minecraft...


Oct. 12. Are your dice biased? Find out with this dice tester.

Oct. 9. Added a hex grid generator that outputs SVG files suitable for use in Illustrator or Inkscape. Its features include color settings and customizable hex labelling.

Aug. 4. Made a theme for XBoard. You can download the pixmaps or the GIMP script and font if you want to make your own.

June 9. Gathered some of my random thoughts about game mechanics.

May 3. Wrote some notes on dice ranges; created an online dice range calculator.

Apr. 22. The latest version of hexGIMP has an option for numbered hexes.

Apr. 18. Started a hexGIMP users' gallery.

Feb. 10. Added a Markovian random name generator with a few dictionaries.

Feb. 9. Added a Dungeons & Dragons section with a couple of scripts to simulate rolling on some tables from the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide. Get your dungeon dressings and random harlots here.

Feb. 3. Created some Agon game resources. Agon is a really cool RPG about "ancient Greek heroes who face brutal tests from the gods". Check it out at


Nov. 20. Coloring around the Mandelbrot Set.

Nov. 11. Biomorphs.

Oct. 22. Started using jsMath in the RPG math section. The results aren't any uglier than latex2html, and it's much easier to maintain. You'll need JavaScript enabled in your browser or else you'll see raw LaTeX.

Oct. 3. Added an update to a previous article about finding probabilities of qualifying for various AD&D classes. Also added a random person generator.

Sept. 12. At long last, someone has scanned Warriors of Mars and put it online: link (, ~29MB PDF).

July 3. Added an experimental world generator for Traveller.

June 24. Added a new section for articles about math and roleplaying games.

May 16. Added a new section for maps.

April 17. Updated the wilderness hex map generator and the hexGIMP package to use a new tileset made from Thorfinn Tait's Atlas of Mystara tiles. His excellent work can be seen here:

April 15. Re-designed the website. It's not much, but it's better than it was.