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Agon: Random island generator

Name: Patmos
Terrain: Sheer cliffs, sea caves, and jagged reefs
Community: Devout worshippers with immaculate temples and shrines
Event: Marriage celebration
Gods' desires:
    Release (something must be set free)
    Secure (something must not be taken)
    Destroy (something must be broken, torn down, unmade)
Artifact: Ship, chariot, or other conveyance
Beast: Copper Beetle
Men: The Hundred Swords (a ruthless mercenary army)
Monsters: Living Statue (automaton)

Form values may range from 1 to 3. Changing any value generates a new island.

This script automates the island creation procedure from the Agon rulebook, and will be removed at the copyright holder's request. Agon was created by John Harper; purchase the PDF or print edition at