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SVG hex grid generator

This script generates hex grids in SVG (scalable vector graphics) format. Grids are transparent so they can be overlaid on maps. Hex numbering is optional and (somewhat) customizable.

Hex radius: (inches)
Grid columns:
Grid rows:
Grid color:
Enable labels:
Label format:
Label color:
Enable guides:
Guide color:

Label format. The format string defines the label that will appear on each hex if "Enable labels" is selected. All characters will be printed literally except for special symbols beginning with "%"; these will be replaced as follows:

Symbol      Value
%x      The column number
%y      The row number
%n      The hex number in top-down, left-right sequence (the SVG object id of the hex)
%N      The hex number in left-right, top-down sequence

If a number is placed between the "%" and the following letter, then the value will be zero-padded to fill that many characters. For example, for the hex in column 3, row 1, "%x,%y" would print "3,1", but "%2x%2y" would print "0301". Similarly, while "%n" would number "1", "2", "3", ..., "%4n" would number "0001", "0002", "0003", ...

Guides. If "Enable guides" is selected, a small dot will be drawn in the center of each hex. This may be useful for precise reckoning of line of sight.

This project is under development - see here for more information.